Title Tag’s Best Friend, the Meta Description

Surely by now you've heard about meta tags and keywords, even the term "Meta Description". But what is the meta description and why should you care, after all, that's only for search engines right? The meta description can be thought of as the description of what the current web page is about. Because the meta [...]

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Facebook Lexicon – Track Facebook terms

I discovered the new "preview version" of Facebook Lexicon today which was launched last September (hey so I'm a little behind!). Lexicon is an interesting app that reports on the Facebook terms that are frequently mentioned alongside the topics within Facebook. The following image shows terms that were used in conjunction with the term [...]

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The Title Tag and SEO

The number one weapon in your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) arsenal is the Title Tag. This is an html tag which resides in the "head" portion of your web page. You can see the title tag in action by looking at the very top of your web browser. Here's a visual example of the title [...]

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