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Facebook Lexicon – Track Facebook terms

I discovered the new “preview version” of Facebook Lexicon http://www.facebook.com/lexicon/new/ today which was launched last September (hey so I’m a little behind!). Lexicon is an interesting app that reports on the Facebook terms that are frequently mentioned alongside the topics within Facebook. The following image shows terms that were used in conjunction with the term “jazz“:

Facebook Lexicon

Facebook Lexicon - click to enlarge

The above chart shows that the term “band” was the most frequently mentioned in conjunction with “jazz”, while “combo” was mentioned less frequently. For SEO purposes and keyword selection, this is very useful information to have! The chart also shows me the average age for the terms “jazz + band” was 27 years old and predominantly male.

Per Facebook: “The Y axis is the average age and the X axis is the average gender of users who posted the association. For example, a bubble up and to the left means that the association is more prevalent among older and more female users. A bubble down and to the right means that the association is more prevalent among younger and more male users. The size of the bubble indicates the number of times the word appeared alongside the topic in the given time window. You can view historical trends by using the slider at the bottom of the graph.”

You can also see demographics (age, gender and country) sentiment (do people like the term) pulse (number of mentions of related terms such as music or dance) and finally maps in addition to the “associations” chart shown above.

Lexicon is intended primarily for those looking to place ads, but in the future could be used to assist with selecting keywords. I say future because as of this post the current version of Lexicon is a preview version, meaning the you cannot select your own queries but rather must select from a predefined list. You can search for terms in the old Lexicon version http://www.facebook.com/lexicon/ but there aren’t the additional data views as in the new version.

From Facebook: “In this preview version we are giving you access to a few topics we hope you will find interesting. We will add additional functionality and index many more topics in the future.”

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