One of the most important things you can do as a small business owner is to get your business listed in Google. This is a great way for your business to appear in the section titled “Local business results for…”  This has a map with push pin icons representing the local businesses, which are then listed to the right of the map.

google local business Studio 678

This listing appears before the other “organic” search results, including yelp and yellow pages and is therefore very helpful if you can get your business to appear there. Sometimes this is difficult in a competitive business area such as Real Estate Agent.

But it can be very powerful. I often get people who find me there when doing a search on ” Web Design Oakland ”

To get listed, gather information about your business in a document that you can cut and paste with your contact information, a short description about your business and perhaps a photo or two.

Then go to the following url:

You will need a google account, so either sign in if you have one or register for one. Once that is done, then you may begin to “create a profile” within your Google account.

You can even include coupons for users who find you on the web, have clients write reviews, and include information about street parking and hours of business operations.

Once you get listed you should begin to see more traffic to your website and hopefully more phone calls as well!

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