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TruSource Group

TruSource Group is a Senior Management Consulting Firm based in the Bay Area of California, serving many organizations ranging from Fortune 100 to companies with 100 employees. They specialize in leveraging internal client resources and processes to deliver lasting results and are proven partners, collaborators, and communicators at all levels within an organization.

This one-page features plenty of high-definition cinematic videos embedded into a minimalist design using mask shapes. The videos contribute heavily to the page’s flow by creating a fluid user experience.

The pauses between sections are smoothly divided sections with large typography paired with copy, and littered with marketing savvy second-person references, giving it a personal feel. By strategically leaving white space, it allows the user to “breathe” while scrolling.

The designer’s efforts are visible everywhere from scrolling motion effects to parallax design motifs and Lottie widgets. With a clear focus on brand exposure, the Silicon Valley company’s messaging is beautifully captured in a delicate thin font only serving to reinforce its technologically advanced vibe.

Creative Director/Strategic Recommendations/Content Creation: Hilary Zaid
Design: Marea Giles

Elementor Websites Showcase for October 2021