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Studio 678 is a collaboration of talented designers, wordsmiths, and marketing pros, who create functional, beautiful and intuitive websites. Whether you need a simple, content-based site or a custom site with all the “bells and whistles,” our goal is to deliver an elegantly simple and seamless user experience, with clear branding and positioning for our clients. We’re fluent in the latest web technologies – HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, and use WordPress as our development platform and content management system (CMS). Considered the industry standard, WordPress sites are simple to use and easily maintained – allowing for rapid updates from any web-connected device – keeping your site agile and current, while saving time and money. Studio 678 makes it easy – and enjoyable – to create a high-quality web presence that engages your audience. Utilizing best practices for today’s Internet, all our sites are built using responsive design for optimal viewing on all screen sizes – from smartphones tablets and desktop. We’ll even add descriptive keywords in all the right places to make your site search engine friendly. After all, it’s about getting noticed.
I am thrilled with my website! It is a one-of-a kind digital representation of me and my firm and one of the fastest sites I’ve ever visited. I am thankful that I didn’t settle for good, because Studio 678 enabled me to accomplish perfect.
Eugene Demmler - E. Demmler & Associates
Eugene Demmler
E. Demmler & Associates

Website Add-ons

eCommerce Store

Expand your customer base by selling online. Whether you want to sell a physical product, subscriptions to an online course, or a digital download we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you accept payments, integrate with your accounting software and even help you report your sales tax.

Online Learning Courses

Do you have expertise in an area you’d like to monetize? We can help you offer online courses for your customers. You can include multiple courses and lessons, all of which can include video, images, documents etc. You may include quizzes, helpful notifications and certifications upon successful completion of the course.


THE number one way to build your audience. Let us help you create a system to regularly capture new email addresses and send out regular correspondence that your customers will value. Sale items, helpful hints, customer spotlight, blog article - all are easily shared with your audience. We also help you understand the analytics to improve future newsletters.