Website Maintenance & Security

Regular site maintenance to keep your site running optimally and malware free. We help keep your business “open” online for your customers.

Website Maintenance Plans

Your website is the digital face of your brand. Protect it! From the moment your site goes live, it’s vulnerable to attack. With our maintenance program your site will be kept up-to-date and deflect malware like a champ, keeping you and your customers secure against bad guys. Pow!
Our maintenance plans protect your online investment. WordPress updates can wreak havoc between your plug-ins and themes, causing things to break. We maintain the integrity of all of your WordPress components so your site keeps functioning smoothly. The Web’s a wild and crazy place. We’ve got you covered.

Software Updates

WordPress requires frequent security and performance updates. Staying current will limit vulnerabilities and slowdowns while giving you access to the most current features. We’ll frequently review your plugins for compatibility, vulnerabilities and updates, so you don’t have to. This will keep all functions of your site running as intended.

Monitoring & Security

You'd be surprised how active and persistent malware bots are! 24/7 monitoring ensures your site is safe all day and night. We’ll be alerted of vulnerabilities so we can begin fixing any issues, or better yet, prevent any damage in the first place.

Database Optimization

A slow database will slow down your website. We’ll optimize your website database monthly to make sure it loads quickly so your visitors will remain happy and engaged..

Website Updates

Let us help you update your content, optimize images or publish posts. Updates to your staff photos, your bio, your blog or your portfolio. You tell us what to change and we'll do it for you.

Website & Database Backups

Backups will save your site if it gets hacked or breaks. Frequent backups stored on and off site give you confidence that your website will be safe should something unusual occur.


Dial business up with site analytics. Our consolidated, easy-to-read monthly reports will tell you who is coming to your site, where they’re coming from and which pages they like best and least, so you have the information you need to make strategic decisions to improve performance and conversions.

Studio 678 has been great to work with! They designed our website, and recently dealt with some scary security issues. They are responsive, professional yet "human", which can be missing in the IT/Design world. I highly recommend Studio 678 for web design and maintenance.
Linda Schuelke
Linda Schuelke